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Conditions to rent a car
The potential customers must meet the following conditions to rent a car:
- Minimum age 23 years
- To have a driving license at least for 3 years
- At the moment of signing the contract must have: passport or identity card and driving license

Period to rent a car
Minimum rental period is 48 hours. The rental period can be extended at customer request only if the vehicle has not been booked. The customer receives the car in accordance with the reservation made and delivered at the airport or any other address in Chisinau. For corporate clients car can be delivered at its headquarters.

Customer obligations:
- Comply with auto lease contract
- Respect the rules of the road of Moldova
- It is forbidden to transmit the rented car to a third person without the our agreement.
- To operate the car safely
- Immediately notify the rental company in case of accident

Price for rented car
The price for rented car is displayed on this website. Price is set for 24 hours. Payment is made in advance at the point of car reception. The price includes compulsory carriers liability insurance to passengers, road tax, technical inspection.
When signing the contract the customer pay a sum of 100 Euro as deposit for guaranteeing the performance of the contract. This amount is returned to the client at the return of the car.

21 Euro

23 Euro

24 Euro