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You have arrived in Moldova and there is no one to meet you? Do you plan a trip for one day or longer? Your car broke down and you do not have a mean of transport? You must go to a visit for a few days and you have no car? Or simply you decide to discover the beautiful landscapes of Moldova ...

If you find yourself in the above situations, the company MILACHI RENT is the solution - we offer you Rental Cars services at the most affordable price possible. Our rental solutions can meet the expectations of the clients who seek for high quality Rental services, cars in excellent technical condition and loyal approach to the client.

Today RENT A CAR service no longer is just a simple offer of the car to be used by someone for a specific payment. Now Rental solutions involves a much wider range of services such as: meeting at the airport or train station, hire car with driver, equipping cars with accessories or additional utilities , different payment methods, planning trips, long-term rental at special conditions (Operational Leasing), service 24/24.

RENT A CAR services from Milachi Rent is the best choice for your car rental needs in the short or long term.


21 Euro

23 Euro

24 Euro